Welcome to my online working portfolio.

Hi. Welcome to my humble online portfolio presence.

Here you'll be able to see a few of my jobs, performed out in the field. There is never a job like another, all jobs are different and will require often than not, a different approach.

When a gas job requires pipework, I find it best to take a step back and look at the job in hand in its entirety and try and visualize the best way to go about it. Often this results in using less fittings and less pipe than required. I mean, how often have we seen jobs done where too many fittings have been used right?

I take pride in what I do and having worked with my old man back in the day, it's still imprinted to me to this day that there is only one way to do a job. And that is a job well done. I often say to colleagues that if you were happy the quality of the job done as if it was at their own home or that of a relative then they have done a good job.

I have many more photos on my portfolio that I have built up over the years, so if there is a need for more or any questions please feel free to ask on the contacts below.

Thank you.

Carlos Arruda