Solar Energy for Shed Lighting Project

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Welcome to my solar project

Welcome to my website. In here, you will see many of my daily quests on eBay and other sites, looking for information on how to build a budget small solar system for my shed lighting.


I hope you can find some valuable information here which, is also a way for me to say a big thank you to all of those out there that I got some information regarding this subject.


So, anyway, enough of the introduction and let’s get down to business shall we?!


Ok, first things first. There are quite a few things to consider like what do you want to power up? I know, in this case lights for the shed. But what wattage will they be? \you need to know what you want to run in order to calculate roughly what sort of power do you need for your solar set up.



Parts selected for this project


After digging through the internet for quite a few days, weeks I must say as the idea was somehow implanted in the back of my mind, I have made my mind and have selected the components I thought would best suit my needs, and please remember, everyone’s needs may well be different, on the low budget I had in mind. Less than £150.00 to be precise.


My three year old son will love this project. Of that I am sure. Will it all work? Time will tell but I am quite confident it will, lol...


This little project will keep us entertained for a while.



Please note everybody. I am Level 2 qualified electrician, half way through my Level 3 in C&G Electrical Installations.


I do NOT possess the working knowledge nor have I ever worked with photovoltaic cells or have I ever installed a solar system before.


When you set out to undergo your own solar panel shed project, or any other project, you do so at your own risk.


Just remember, you are working with electricity. Your safety comes first!